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will be RELOCATING and will be ENROLLING students for the 2019-2020 School Year!!

Going Where No Christian High School Has Gone Before!

​​We Believe That....

  • God has called for the development of high schools and adult training centers to provide Christian Vocational Education.
  • The vocational workforce is important and it is important that this group be reached and trained for Christian vocational service.
  • Many people can be reached and blessed by a Christian vocational workforce.
  • God has a plan for everyone’s life and Christian vocational education will contribute to that plan.
  • Everyone is unique and everyone has God-given talents to contribute to society and every Christian high school should work to discover and develop these talents by offering vocational career training programs.
  • Everyone can learn and every Christian vocational high school should provide a spiritual environment that uses professional teaching adaptations to motivate learning.
  • Family support is a vital part of the learning process and Christian vocational high schools must strive to reach out to families and encourage families for Christ.
  • Church support is a vital part of the learning process and Christian vocational high school must strive to support and work together with denominational and non-denominational evangelical Churches who serve the students and families of the school.
  • Everyone has a responsibility to the community and Christian vocational high schools must develop programs and outreach activities to serve and bless the community.

Teachers and school administrators are called by God to help raise up the young in the ways of faith. Jesus, the Savior, was also a teacher. He gathered His disciples and others around Him and taught with such conviction and truth that the “many who heard Him were astonished, saying, ‘Where did this man get all this? What is the wisdom given to Him? What mighty works are wrought by His hand!’” (Mark 6:2). His apostles, likewise, were teachers and gave witness “with great power,” through their words and their deeds, and “gave their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all” (Acts 4:33).

The ministry of teaching obligates the teacher to assist his or her students in understanding not only the subject matter, but in understanding how the order and discipline of mathematics or physics reveals the mind of God; how history, geography, and world events reinforce faith by helping students know that God created the mountains, the sea, the rivers, the deserts, the forests, the plains, and all the creatures that inhabit them, and that human discoveries, empires, conflicts, and social movements are measured by the divinely ordained order. The ministry of teaching requires one not only to help students acquire skill in spelling, reading, grammar, and writing, but to understand that human language is a primary means by which students might explore the wonders of poetry and narrative and Sacred Scripture itself—all of which indirectly or directly disclose salvation history.

Teachers in a vocational Christian high school must be ever mindful that they train not only through rational explanation of formal subject material and theory, but even more powerfully through word, deed, example, and shared experience. Simply put, they teach the faith by modeling the faith and by modeling honesty, integrity, true Christian work ethic, and faithfulness. This is why teachers are required to live and be a Godly example, both at school and away from the classroom. When you can’t preach it to teach it—you must live it to give it!






Proverbs 3:5-6

 (Philippians 4:8)

Whatsoever things are true
Employers want new hires to have technical knowledge related to the job, but that’s not nearly as important as good teamwork, decision-making and communication skills, and the ability to plan and prioritize work.
Whatsoever things are honest
Employers want employees who are dependable, trustworthy, and good at their jobs.

Whatsoever things are just
Certain core expectations are required for all jobs, but dependability is probably at the top of the list. Employees show dependability by taking personal ownership of all aspects of their job, including being on time, dressing and working in a professional manner, and demonstrating a high level of commitment.
Whatsoever things are pure
While the role of every manager is to motivate their employees, they appreciate and seek ones that create their own motivation. It makes a huge difference to have an employee that has an inner drive to organize their work versus one who needs constant guidance to perform day to day activities. Employers look for employees that have a level of self–motivation that will not require a high level of "hand-holding," as well as the ability to tackle the expected obstacles that arise in day to day business. A good employee gets the job done. A great employee gets the job done in spite of everything – including when priorities and schedules shift. They are self–motivated and can problem solve and think on their feet.
Whatsoever things are lovely
Employers want new hires who can work well on teams, and who are decisive problem-solvers. Great employees maintain a positive attitude, even during difficult situations. They tackle projects, both big and small, in a straightforward manner. If they have a sensitive issue to discuss, they do so in private. They promote a team spirit and good morale, and they are a pleasure to work with and be around; a trait that is often minimized as an essential job characteristic.
Whatsoever things are of good report
Employers want employees with the ability to communicate verbally with people inside and outside an organization. They want employees that will demonstrate excellent customer care and service.
If there be any virtue
Employers seek individuals that will enhance their organization and their brand. They want to recruit people who are trustworthy, have solid reputations – inside and outside of work – and have a good work ethic. Great employees have a strong sense of what is appropriate in the workplace and outside, and they know how to balance the two.
If there be any praise
No one can achieve "greatness" in an organization completely alone, and remarkable employees know this to be true. They are the consummate team player who can highlight their own successes, as well as praise others for theirs. These employees recognize that success is better achieved through team work, always.
Think on these things.

Adapted from online: The 10 Skills Employers Most Want In 2015 Graduates
By Susan Adams, Forbes Staff
What Do Employers Want from Their Employees?
By AJE Recruiting Specialist
America’s Job Exchange


Pathways Tech C.C.T.E. is an amazing Christian vocational high school, and adult career training center, that offers career training integrated with Biblical truths to inspire professional and spiritual growth that will prepare students to reach their world!


Why Will Parents Choose a Christian Vocational High School Instead of a Public Vocational High School, a Charter School, or a Cyber School?

  • Discipline & Lifestyle Expectations.
  • Different Culture & Peer Group.
  • Professional Vocational Dress Code.
  • Individual Attention/Smaller Classes.
  • Higher Level of Safety.
  • Christian Events Supported and Christian Holidays Honored & Celebrated.
  • More Parental Interaction Regarding Their Child’s Education.

Why Will Homeschool Parents Choose a Christian Vocational High School Instead of a Public Vocational High School for Career Training?

  • Homeschooled students have sometimes experienced difficulty enrolling in public Vo-Tech schools.
  • Although no conflict over homeschool access to public Vo-Tech schools has reached the courts or even been appealed to the State Board of Education, homeschool parents report receiving initial rebuffs from their local school district or Vo-Tech when attempting to homeschool half days and send high school students the other half day to public Vo-Tech schools to learn a trade.
  • The school district where homeschoolers reside has the discretion to make school curricular courses available to home-educated students. Many school districts have established a written policy on participation of homeschooled students in curricular programs, such as science classes, computer labs, and foreign language courses. Homeschoolers must contact their local school district for this information. It must be remembered, however, that school districts are not required to allow home-educated students to participate in curricular courses.
  • Often, when a homeschool student is accepted at a public Vo-Tech, sending school quotas have been filled and the homeschool student does not obtain the career program of choice as the more desired programs are already filled.
  • There have been negative reports from some homeschoolers who have attended a public Vo-Tech about lack of discipline, some teachers who don’t care, drugs, poor attitudes by students, and unresolved bullying.
  • The peer group at the average public Vo-Tech school may actually be worse than the peer group at the average public high school.
  • Most parents are homeschooling or choosing cyber school because they lack confidence and trust in the public school system.

Why Will Parents of Students Attending a Christian High School Choose a Christian Vocational High School Instead of a Public Vocational High School?

  • Many Christian Schools are reporting a loss of some students wanting hands-on training who leave and enroll at a public vocational high school.
  • A new culture is experienced.
  • Peer groups in control are usually not Christian oriented.
  • A new lowered level of safety is experienced.
  • Christian values are not taught or supported at a public school.
  • Parents do not have the same level of participation.
  • Although there are many great public school teachers, not all teachers are Christians or practicing Christians.  Vocational Instructors spend a lot of time with students, taking on a “parent” image to be modeled by the student.
  • Morality is not an issue and is not addressed by any type of discipline or guidance.
  • In some cases, the Christian student is labeled as a problem or even a “bully” if Christian values are practiced and/or shared by that student and not compromised, especially when they conflict with worldly values accepted by the public school system.
  • Often public school events are scheduled on Wednesday evenings and weekends conflicting with most normal Church events, such as Youth Group activities and Church family services.
  • Sacred Christian holidays are not acknowledged through participation or celebration at public schools.  Even the names of the holidays have been changed to ignore the Christian implication:  Winter Break/Spring Break.

Why Will Drop-Outs Choose a Christian Vocational High School?

  • Freedom to Return—No State Enforced Requirements on Returning Students.
  • Unthreatened by State Academic Test Requirements for Vocational Success.
  • Discipline & Lifestyle Expectations—Many Seek a Better Learning Environment.
  • Different Culture & Peer Group.
  • Clean Slate & a New Start.
  • Individual Attention--Attention on God’s Plan for Them.
  • Opportunities to Serve and Grow in Self-Confidence


NOTE:  Adults who didn't graduate from high school can still earn a diploma! Yes, you can! And you can do it through Biblically-integrated nationally accredited online academics at Pathways Tech! No more fear of passing those G.E.D. exams!! Your transcripts are reviewed from 9th Grade on up and you start where you left off taking real courses that you missed in high school that meet the Pennsylvania State-mandated graduation requirements. This all happens in a Christian ministry environment at Pathways Tech!