Pathways Tech CCTE

Christian ​Vocational High School & Adult Career Training Center

will be RELOCATING and will be ENROLLING students for the 2019-2020 School Year!!



Student parents in the high school and single parents or low income students in the adult education programs could be able to place pre-school children in the Let The Little Children Come daycare.  The facility would be owned and operated by the school.  Certified supervisors would be hired and senior Child Care Services students would work as coop participants, carefully following local mandates.

Weekly evening Counseling and Rehabilitation services for students and the community could be available through a Healing and Hope program at the school, administered through partnerships with other local organizations.

A Good Samaritan Bed and Breakfast facility would offer lodging and hospitality to visiting Missionaries, Evangelists, Ministry Teams, and Pastors, and visitors to other area nonprofit organizations.

Fit for the Kingdom health and fitness center would offer free membership to registered students and school staff. This facility would be owned and operated by the school. Membership options could also be open to families of school staff, former students and student families, and partnership Church leadership, partnership community organization leaders and staff, and partnership business organizations’ administration.

Culinary Services could prepare and serve a complete lunch daily to all staff in an Upper Room Restaurant as part of their shop program. The Restaurant would also welcome adult visitors from the community, particularly blessing residents of area nursing homes and shelters.  The Restaurant would also offer the community opportunity to obtain reservations, preparing lunches that would be more cuisine oriented.  The restaurant would generate additional income for the program by continued evening operation, particularly utilizing the adult education program.Envision area churches and many nonprofit organizations planning special events at this facility.

A Bear the Burden thrift shop could incorporate a food cupboard and clothing distribution ministry as well as a retail thrift shop. Christian Ministry and Outreach students would absolutely thrive in this endeavor; and Marketing and Entrepreneurial students, as well as Warehousing students, would gain experience operating this outreach. A Good News gift shop could also be incorporated that would offer gift items and Christian literature and supplies.

All vocational programs would incorporate active community service projects utilizing trade skills. The Child Care Services Program would operate a part-time pre-school on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Special parking for parents and security entrance and identification would be required.  Cosmetology would offer in-house service to the general public on Thursday and Friday. Outside field trips to area nursing homes would also be scheduled for the Cosmetology students to provide the residents with a complimentary wash and style, massage, or manicure.  Food left over each day from the Culinary Services Program would be donated to area homeless shelters. Graphic and Commercial Arts would provide printing and design services to area Churches for bulletins and newsletters, and Video and Media Arts would produce CD’s and Video services for youth groups, other Christian schools, and other nonprofit organizations. Churches and non-profit organizations could also enjoy and benefit from basic automotive services, landscaping assistance, and assistance with building projects performed through applicable vocational programs.




Pathways Tech Christian Vocational High School was the first non-denominational Evangelical Christian Vocational High School, coupled with an adult training center, to be created in the United States. The model was established in Harrisburg, PA, in 2012, and operated throughout the 2012-2013 school year. The physical building housing the school was lost to the school in 2014. However, the new calling placed upon the creators of the school involves their assistance to help others create and establish new Christian vocational high schools throughout the state of Pennsylvania, throughout other States across the nation, and to other nations around the world.

The vision for these Christian vocational high schools will be to graduate competent, vocationally educated students equipped with professional cutting-edge trade skills and cloaked with Biblical principles, standards and ethics. Students will be nurtured and prepared to make a positive impact on their families, their communities and the workforce.

In terms of vocational educational competition and market demographics for a Christian vocational high school, this type of school is in a unique position, as it is a true hybrid. Presently the educational options throughout the country include public schools, public vocational high schools, cyber schools, charter schools, homeschooling, and private Christian Schools that predominately offer academics. Christian vocational high schools will be the only high schools providing Biblically-integrated academics paired with Biblically-integrated hands-on vocational training.

In addition to students drawn from public schools, homeschool, and other Christian schools, the Christian vocational high school is anticipated to become a school of second chances to support those who have dropped out prior to graduation. These schools will provide the vocational training and emotional and spiritual support that will motivate and encourage these students to complete their high school education and develop employable skills. Christian Adult Career Training Centers must also be created to address the needs of the unemployed and underemployed, serving these individuals educationally and ministering to them spiritually.

The Vision 

Pathways Tech C.C.T.E. (Christian Career and Technical Education), the pioneer of Christian-based vocational/technical high school education, will work to assist Christian schools that desire to offer vocational training programs to their students. Pathways Tech C.C.T.E. is currently developing Biblically-integrated vocational curriculum. Textbook/Workbooks will ultimately be developed for every trade area. The current trade area under development is Culinary Arts, with separate textbook/workbooks to be available in Baking & Pastry, Fine Dining, Hospitality, and Industrial Foods.   Additionally, an online Christian Vocational Instructor Certification program is being developed and will be offered through the Colorado Theological Seminary. The first course is entitled "Transition to Teaching" and is composed of new teacher induction modules necessary to prepare an individual for transition from business and industry to the high school classroom as a Christian Vocational Instructor. This course offers basic instruction to prepare a professional in a particular trade area for their first day in a high school classroom. Our goal is to assist Christian schools in their effort to produce a student equipped and eager to pursue trades in the career pathways available in every geographical region. We will be available to provide the mentorship and educational support these schools will need to be able to provide the best career training possible for their students. Our ultimate objective is to assist these schools in developing a vocational educational atmosphere that will culture and develop a workforce that will be exposed to Biblically-integrated ethical and moral training. The students completing their training programs will acquire a sense and desire aimed toward genuine customer service, dedicated community service, and admirable citizenship. Each school will strive to acquire professional staff and administration that will be admonished and held accountable to present and demonstrate these qualities, as well as possess required educational qualifications and certifications.

Pathways Tech C.C.T.E will also encourage new Christian vocational high schools or established Christian schools adding vocational programs to pioneer a new idea in campus design incorporating facilities specifically designed for in-house training programs that double as community service outreaches. Structures on campus could include a daycare, a bed and breakfast, a health and fitness center, a chapel, a thrift store, and individual service centers that would provide automotive services, landscaping services, graphic services, video and media arts services, building trades services, cosmetology services, and culinary arts services. Humanitarian and community outreach projects should be incorporated into the curriculum of every program and projected through these vocational program service centers.

The Project
There is urgency for schools to become more student-centered and more personalized in programs, and provide a nurturing and stimulating environment. Vocational training facilities must change their image into a 21st Century learning environment that emulates the future of industry, technology and business, with labs reflecting the state-of-the-art technology that students will encounter in business and industry environments. And partnerships between the local business community and career tech schools must exist to support the best equipment and facilities for students to enable schools to confidently and accurately train students in the latest technologies. This involves both the design of the building and the curriculum.  (Gutshall, 2003) Business and community partnerships must be established for the mutual benefit of tailored training and production to compliment businesses' and community organizations' needs and requirements in return for financial, professional, and cooperative assistance and support to the school, particularly through Occupational Advisory Committees established for each program.

Christian vocational high schools should prepare to offer vocational programs such as:

Automotive Technology
Auto Body Repair
Automotive Technology
Auto Body Repair
Building Maintenance
Building Restoration

Building Trades
CADD (Computer Aided Drafting & Design)
Certified Nursing Assistant
Christian Ministry & Outreach
Computer Business Technology Applications
Computer Programming Systems & Repair
Culinary Arts/Fine Dining & Baking & Pastry Arts
Dental Assistant

Digital Graphic Communications
Entrepreneurship Elective
Medical Assistant/HomeCare
Medical Billing & Coding
Public Safety & Security
Veterinary Assistant

Video & Media Arts
Web Design




To identify, ignite and enhance individual God-given talents by providing cutting-edge career and technical training that is Biblically-based and Christ-centered resulting in the preparation of a competent workforce that is spiritually oriented to human service locally, nationally and globally.

Life-Changing Learning